German Wine Gifts

Peter Koch is an ambitious wine maker with many years of experience in the wine culture. His latest project is a high-quality wine series with outstanding virtues. His principal aim was to develop a line that would arouse emotions - The PK Selection.


Christmas 2017 the idea was born when having dinner with his four sons. A highly emotional time that is traditionally a time to come together, reminisce on old moments and extend relationships.


Companies like to strengthen relationships with their partners and employees to create unforgettable events. Emotions stay in the mind, like aromas and can be reawakened again and again. Not all gifts have this potential, but wine has - especially when it is of excellent quality. Over the last decades Pater Koch perfected methods for creating an outstanding quality of wine. His expertise guarantees the same exceptional character of wine - both now and in the future. His consistent quality across 3 wine varieties guarantees lasting relationships with your recipients. The well-known German Riesling, a White Burgundy and a Cuvée Laurent from red grapes are supported by the addition of a Riesling sparkling wine. Be assured, each variety will deliver a wonderful, binding experience.


You can also add extra value to your gift by including a special "Thank You" card that can be handed or sent to your customer. Alternatively, you can allow them to select their preferred wine, ensuring both parties will be delighted with their choice. Taking a step further, you are free to create your own unique label or choose from a line of existing labels such as DANKE, ENTSCHEIDUNG and CHILL OUT. The presentation is entirely up to you.


Apart from receiving top wines, you can expect excellent service in all your business relationships with Peter. He will arrange everything for you and will reliably organize labeling, worldwide transportation, monitoring receipts and many other tasks to keep you notified of his reliable service. If you have special wishes or requirements, please inquire! Peter and his team will find or develop a solution that satisfy your demands.


Peter is delighted when you have feedback from your customers and successfully achieve your goals with his excellent wines. Please do not hesitate to contact him. He is fluent in English and will be pleased to help and support your efforts and interests.


PK-Selection strives for better relationships and universal success. The wines are still top secret and relatively unknown so please do not delay and miss out on this great opportunity.